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  • Hey, just had dinner with your folks and they pointed me to your blog(s).

    I love it! I’ll keep reading. How’s life? You look so different in your pix? I heard u had two mastiffs! My old dog Nellie’s best friend was an English Mastiff named Dozer (in DC) – He was the best!

    Good luck…

  • Heh H! Came across your blog and am still smiling after reading. You’re as independent, funny, and beautiful as ever. – just as I remember. Happy You-Year! Woody

  • Not sure how I ended up here, but I have had a wonderful morning!
    Except for the over 50 part, we are the total antithesis. I am flat chested (happy), married (happy), have kids (love them, but have never understood the blessing part), don’t have a career (but pretend to), think Crocs were a gift from the gods (but have been lustfully eyeing Vibram five fingers), live in rural PA where I am considered a communist because there is no gun rack in my car (of course a Mini Cooper with Obama ’08, Veterans for Peace, and People for Bikes, stickers doesn’t help) and was raised a Christian Scientist (how interesting is that combination of words?).
    Thank you! I love to escape for 10k words or less.

    • Well thank you so much. You just made my day. Hell – you made my month. I am now also flat chested… and happy and I secretly want hot pink crocs. I tried the vibrams but they were super uncomfortable to run in and I went to camp in Honesdale PA – one of my favorite spots on earth. Careers are dull. Kids would have been great. See – we’re not that different after all. Thank you for taking the time to read the inside of my brain.

      • Honesdale, really? I grew up in Ohio but I went to a camp outside of Hawley, PA on “Lake” Teedyuskung (Woodloch Pines Resort now has the whole lake I believe).
        SWS (Small world story)
        My son is at Long Beach State so if you ever need to borrow him, let me know!

      • yes honesdale… where the jews camp. how cute is your son. (kidding) have a great day!!! if you’d like to watch the NON sarcastic side of my life – i write a little sitcom with a bunch of other sarcastic writers called BABY DADDY on ABC FAMILY. it’s sweet… like FRIENDS with a baby.

  • Cool, I’ll check it out….and…did you really ask a mother if her son was cute?
    He is, and funny, and good with dogs (he was a dog “handler” when he was in the Marines – the four years I was nearly institutionalized).

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