Yeah, I saw that.

Published January 15, 2018 by WELCOME TO HEIDI

Two friends meet for dinner.

“Ohmigod I went to the most amazing…

“…restaurant. Yeah, I saw that.”

“Oh right.  But after dinner we went to…”

“…that new play downtown. Yeah, I saw that.”

“I don’t know if I told you but…”

“…your mom is in the hospital.  Yeah, I saw that.”

“Okay. Well, see you next week.”

This is the new dinner, or coffee, or workout meeting, or sidewalk meeting or any gathering thanks to social media and our pubic billboarding of our lives.  No one needs to be told anything in person because everyone already knows everything.  It turns out social media is the most unsocial creation ever.  And its really putting a crimp in my social life and by crimp i mean no one has anything to talk about face to face anymore.

I am in constant turmoil about social media.  On the one hand – I am my photographer fathers daughter and love to take pictures.  On the other hand I don’t really know how many pictures of my dog in hats people need to see.  Is a shot of me flinging a kettle bell around a gym that fascinating?  Me thinks not.  Did everyone need to know that my new shoes arrived? Gonna have to go with a no on that one.  But. It seems we have this desire to have our photos and thoughts and lives broadcast to the world but when the world comes knocking live we don’t really want to answer the door or for that matter even know how to anymore.  We’re creating the most anti social group of humans under the guise of social media.  Sure you know what I’m doing for the five seconds you stare at my photo but what about the rest of the time?  Everyone talks about the spectacular FOMO (mom  – that means Fear Of Missing Out) that comes with looking at other peoples photos but what about the lack of connection with your actual friends that is happening thanks to this one second snapshot we’ve released to the masses.  Sure you posted a shot of yourself having an amazing vegan meal but there were 23 other hours unaccounted for and because everyone is only posting happy pics of themselves we assume everyone is okay.  I could have had my head shoved in a bucket of hot oil after that beet ahi and no one would know because i certainly didn’t post that.  (It’s hard to get a good shot while your heads in hot oil)

So, call your friends and tell them a really fucking boring story that you didn’t put on social media.  Or catch them up on your life – your real life – not the picture perfect one. Or ask them to tell you something that happened that you may not know about.  They might care.  I know I do. Sort of.  If we’re super close. If not please don’t tell me because I’m busy posting a photo of my smoothie.  It has dates in it!!

2 comments on “Yeah, I saw that.

  • Well, you hit the nail on the head. I have three very close friends that I don’t get to see much any more due to changes in geography. I treasured the stories we would tell each other, mostly because they are all great story tellers. Although we are connected to each other via social media, we set aside time every week for coffee via Verizon. I look forward to those visits because each of us brings a new story to tell or topic to discuss that we haven’t shared on social media. Friendship takes work and pays huge dividends in improving my outlook on life. If a friend says “saw it”, that tells me more about them than I wish I knew. It tells me that they don’t have time to listen to me and don’t really want to talk. One of my friends, who tells great stories, has told me some of the same stories multiple times. Each time, I listen as though it was the first time. I do that, not because I can’t remember the story. I do it because I love my friend and don’t want to discourage him from telling stories.

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