Faking It

Published January 17, 2013 by WELCOME TO HEIDI

I’ve heard of men doing a lot of stupid things in my day but faking an orgasm definitely tops the list.  A recent article in GQ magazine – also known as the Gay Vogue – described how men can fake an orgasm. They detailed how to pull it off so to speak with a girl which is hilarious because the only guys reading GQ that have sex with girls are guys having sex with someone who sounds like a girl and if there’s one thing I know about my self respecting gays it’s that they don’t do fake orgasms.  They don’t do fake anything.  But, however misplaced the article – it was interesting to think that straight men would fake ejaculating.  I mean – why? I hope they’re not doing it for us. God knows women could care less what you’re doing when you’re doing what you’re doing. Basically, we don’t care how it ends – we just want it to end.  We care about you coming about as much as you care about us coming. Sure you throw that question on the end of the act but we know you don’t really want us to answer and if we do you simply say – “sorry.” Find me a guy who cares if you came and I’ll find you a guy you’re on a first date with.  After that – it’s all over but the blah blah are you done yet.  I had a lot of sex this week with a certain very famous celebrity. I didn’t fake any of my orgasms and I don’t care if he faked his. I didn’t even bother asking him. It would have been hard – since he wasn’t there.

2 comments on “Faking It

  • You’ve been hanging with the wrong guys. If the guy cares about the lady, he cares about her orgasm … unless he’s 19, or mentally stuck at 19.

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