Purses For The Poor

Published September 2, 2012 by WELCOME TO HEIDI

I wonder if poor children in third world countries wearing Toms shoes make fun of poor children in other third world countries wearing Bobs shoes.  I saw Brooke Burke from Dancing with The Stars on t.v. selling Bobs from Sketcher’s which look remarkably like Tom’s shoes created by Amazing Race contestant Blake Mycoskie.  The concept behind both of the companies is that they provide a pair of shoes to a person in need for every pair of shoes we buy.  Hmmmm maybe it’s a secret new reality show no one knows about?  I think it’s kind of rude of Sketchers to take business away from a company that’s already done such amazing work supplying needy people with shoes.  i feel bad for the kids who get the knockoff Bobs.   I have a firm belief that nobody wants a knockoff.  Even a poor person with no shoes.  Isn’t there another area for Sketchers to conquer with their shitty footwear?   How about they send all of their Shape Ups to third world countries?  I can’t stand seeing people wabbling around on those “aren’t going to change one single thing about your butt” things.  If you tell me you have Shape Ups and they have completely changed the shape of your ass I will tell you that your ass has moved up simply to distance itself away from those hideous shoes.  I guess they don’t need ass reshaping shoes in Bangladesh.  That’s something the people there probably don’t get involved in.  I bet you don’t care how high your ass is when you haven’t eaten in a week.  I would like someone to start a handbag situation like this in Beverly Hills.  Right now I’m interested in a grey Celine Mini Luggage piece that cost 3200 dollars.  I don’t see why Neiman Marcus can’t start a Tom like program so that the next time a rich person buys a Celine handbag – they give one out for free to someone less fortunate – like me.  I’ve been eyeing this handbag and while I know it’s a disgusting amount of money I feel like I may stop breathing if I don’t have it.  I know there are knockoffs available but they always arrive from somewhere Asian smelling like cancer and while some people may not know I’m carrying a knockoff – I’ll know.  Nobody wants a bag by Bob.


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