You’re History Dummy

Published August 22, 2012 by WELCOME TO HEIDI

Clearing your computer history is the new emptying out your pockets.  Forgetting to erase where you’ve been is the 2012 version of leaving lipstick on your color or a crumpled up napkin with a phone number in your pants.  I know I erase my history on a minute by minute basis so if anyone ever finds my Ipad they won’t know where I go – like YouPorn and Saks Fifth Avenue.  Yesterday at work was a perfect example of how not clearing your history can prove to be very very embarrassing indeed.  I don’t have a desk right now because I’m just filling in for a few more days so I rove from desk to desk and yesterday that desk belonged to a male producer who wasn’t working until the night shift.  I logged in and like any good woman – immediately began snooping through his internet history.  The first thing that popped up was Whore Presents Dot Com.  WTF?  There’s a website where you can go and buy presents specifically designed for hookers?  That’s insane.  I shouted to another male cubicle mate – “what’s this married guy doing on a website called Whore Presents?”  “Whore what?”  “Whore Presents” “Whore Prentiss?” “Whore Presents!!! Like gifts for a whore!  Ugh nevermind.”

I was really upset.  I couldn’t believe A) there was a site dedicated to searching for gifts for a woman who is ruining another woman’s life and B) This friend of mine who I really liked was trolling this shitty website.  I clicked on the link.

Who Represents Dot Com  – A list of actors and the agents who represent them.

Oops.  Never mind.   Clear your history people.  It’s embarrassing – to me.

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