Lie To Me, I’m Fine With That

Published August 2, 2012 by WELCOME TO HEIDI

A friend posted this on his Facebook page today:  IF YOU TELL THE TRUTH, IT BECOMES A PART OF YOUR PAST.  IF YOU LIE,  IT BECOMES A PART OF YOUR FUTURE.  I completely agree.  Ish.   I think you should tell the truth about yourself but some people use this statement as a weapon – a kind of excuse to let their filter fly off the handle.  “Hey, I’m just telling you the truth.”  I have an idea – if I didn’t ask you to tell me the truth – don’t.  Please keep it to yourself.  Your opinion is best used on you.  I don’t like you enough to care what you think about me because if I did I would have asked for your opinion and if I didn’t ask for it then I’m clearly not ready to hear what it is you must tell me about myself that is crushing your soul unless you get it out.   I think this statement should be modified to say – if someone tells you the truth and you didn’t ask for it – you have free reign to tell them the truth right back.  “I liked your hair better long.”  Thank you.  But I wouldn’t let my dog take style tips from you.  “You really are too thin.”  You’re just jealous because you’re a fatty.  “I think you should have kept the Porsche.”  I think you should have made my car payments for me.  “Ewww, I’m not a fan of kale” (as I’m eating a kale salad)  I’m not a fan of you. Shut up.  Go Away.

People are constantly throwing their opinions around but rarely take two seconds to do what it is they really need to do in life.  Pick up a mirror, stare into it, and unleash the truth about yourself.  Trust me , I have plenty of shit to say about plenty of people but you know what – I don’t tell them – to their faces – I put it here and let them figure out if I’m talking about them.  It’s childish and it works.  Until you can assess your own faults – let me help you with this little rewrite of that quote.






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